I think one of the greatest fears in an artist’s life is the fear of losing one’s creative edge. In other words, you become monotonous in your style. There are a few tricks and tips you could do in order to get more inspiration for your next


Dubstep track. I personally don’t believe in a creative block as I always have the ability to create, but there are some people out there that swear to having creativity block and the following article is dedicated to helping you out of a jam.

Inspiration from others

The first thing you should do is to diversify your listening style. We all “borrow” ideas from other artists, but in that “borrowing” we manage to create a unique sound based on that. You should, if you already aren’t start listening to more Dubstep artists. But instead of just listening to the song as a normal person, it is vital that you begin to dissect their music.

For instance you could ask yourself the following questions when listening to Dubstep:

  • How did the song start?
  • What is the bass doing?
  • What are the drums doing?
  • Are there any effects within the track?
  • What makes this song unique within Dubstep?
  • Can I learn how to make dubstep music sound this good?
  • Are my production skills on this level?

Question the hell out of the track and dissect the music and you should start learning some tips and tricks along the way.

Get out of your routine

Normally when people lack creativity it is because they are stuck in a routine. If your brain doesn’t receive new information it is a lot more difficult to create new and exciting things. If you do the same thing over and over week after week, you need to get out and do something completely different. Maybe you will go Ice Skating or eat cotton candy while sitting on a tree, the point is to break with routine in order to stimulate your brain to jump into its creative mode once more. How do the big name Dubstep creator professionals get their inspiration? Generally people obtain creativity from significant experiences; try to create significant experiences and the creativity will be sure to follow.

Play around

If you haven’t been experimenting with your gear, sounds or set up, you should. Do things you would normally not do, use sounds that you don’t normally think of. The music you produce might not be up to par with your level of expertise, but the change in sounds and arrangements might inspire you to create a stellar track that becomes the next best thing. Try to play around with a different Dubstep program in order to have a different feel on the methods you use.

It’s these slight changes in routine that allows us to become more creative. It’s really a simple thing, if you want to create a song, then experiment with new things. Maybe get a flamenco guitar and try to Dubify it, maybe get your hands on some Dubstep specific VST Plugins and add them into the mix. The sky is the limit as long as you maintain your course on always evolving and always changing. Comfort is the enemy of creativity so get out and do something that challenges you to become a better and bigger person, the more you grow the more creativity you have to draw from…it’s just that simple.