Registered Trainers Institute is preferred by very many Australians. They offer RG146 Compliant courses including bookkeeping, accounting and financial planning.

The institution offers students financial planning programs throughout Australia. They furnish students with the opportunity to get distance, face-to-face or online training, while using course materials made by industry practitioners and professionals who have vast experience.

Registered Trainers is committed to offering workshop training and courses that centre upon programs that follow clear and simple class structures. The Registered Trainers course trainers have rich background understanding in the industry. They train and guide budding financial consultants and planners to insure that all learners enhance their vocational development appropriately.


Accounting and Bookkeeping Training

Registered Trainers offers financial planning, bookkeeping and accounting academic programs all over Australia. They provide students with the chance to obtain online, distance or face-to-face learning, passing on knowledge from course materials created by practicians in the industry who have extensive experience.

Registered Trainers offer the Certificate IV in Bookkeeping and Certificate IV in Accounting. These are very important courses in the industry. They are devoted to offering programs and workshop training that concentrate on understandable course materials and simple class structures. All the trainers at Registered Trainers Institute have vast background knowledge in the sector. They pass on guidance and knowledge to budding bookkeepers and accountants to insure the best vocational opportunities for them.

Why You need to Register with Registered Trainers for a Bookkeeping, Financial Planning and Accounting course

Trainers at Registered Trainers Institute have a lot of experience training in the financial planning industry. The training and education programs focus on providing easy-to- understand and structured training materials. Registered Trainers offers excellent support to students, insuring that every student benefits to a maximal degree from their training experience. The institution also ensures that learners get maximum value from their training. Registered Trainers provides a variety of assessment techniques to conform to the prerequisites of every style of learning.

Why Do People Opt to Study at Registered Trainers?

Many individuals opt to take financial planning, accounting, bookkeeping and RG146 courses at Registered Trainers since the legally compliant training materials offered have been made by experts in the industry who have been recognised for their success. Learners find it convenient to choose between online/distance or workshop instructors who are recognised experts in the RG146 industry.

Registered Trainers instructors have on many occasions won awards and prizes that acknowledge their superiority in teaching.

What Does Training with Registered Trainers Entail?

Registered Trainers Institute offers properly structured and engaging courses that are recognised across Australia. Registered Trainers is a registered institution. It is regulated by the Australian Skills Quality Authority. If you would like to confirm, you can visit the website of the Australian Government ( in charge of administering nationally accredited training.

All education programs offered at Registered Trainers are made by professionals in the industry, who work closely and coordinate with employees to insure the comprehensive and meticulous integration of important industry specific content all through the course. The institute is centred upon passing on knowledge and skills needed to develop so as to be successful in the industry you opt to work for.